Ian & Olivia Poulin. The Dynamic Group.

Dynamic Marketing. 2019. 





  1. (of a process or system) characterized by constant change, activity, or progress.


  2. (of a person) positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas.



   1. a force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process.


synonyms: energetic, spirited, active, lively, zestful, vital, vigorous, strong, powerful, potent, positive, effective, effectual, driving, pushing, bold, enterprising.

Meet Ian & Olivia

When you meet us, you'll know exactly why we chose the term "dynamic" for our business venture together.


Not only are we experts at online marketing, but our expertise also runs deep in business, consulting, and entrepreneurship. Our track records include starting our own companies at age 16 and 17, working as business consultants, getting international work and study experience, and being hand-selected as top 5 out of 204,000 worldwide applications for demonstrating corporate leadership potential in a Global Fortune 500 company. 

Ian Poulin

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Brock University

  • Bachelor of Science in General Management & Finance, EBS Universitat, Germany 

  • Started first company at age 16 and sold it at 21

  • Consultant for Business Development: FarmLife Foods

  • International Work Experience: ING Wholesale Banking, Capital Structuring & Advisory - Germany

  • BioLinc Start-Up Incubator Graduate

  • Business Manager, F&I - Volkswagen St. Catharines

  • Languages: French, German, English

  • Passion for entrepreneurship, cars, photography, travel


Ian's First Business

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Olivia Poulin

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Brock University - concentration in Marketing 

  • Started first company at age 17

  • Selected as Top 5 of 204,000 worldwide applications for CEO for One Month Program with Adecco Group

    • (top 0.002% in the world)

  • 1 of 18 students selected in Canada to spend time with CEO of PayPal Canada through mentorship program

  • BioLinc Start-Up Incubator Graduate

  • Languages: French, English

  • Passion for entrepreneurship, animals, volleyball, travel


See Olivia on BNN Bloomberg at age 21 discuss her selection as Top 5 of 204,000 global candidates for an executive leadership search


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We also share a passion for learning, growth, and personal development.


We thrive on building connections with people who are eager to think bigger and become better versions of themselves every day. 


If you have huge plans for your business growth and development, then you need people that can see and execute on that vision.


We are Dynamic Marketing. 


We can't wait to work with you!